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Hannah Lewis with an assortment of her own fermented veggies and sauces

Sour Grapes? Nah, Sour Pickles!

Louis Finkelman Contributing Writer Photos by Jerry Zolynsky Here’s how you can make your own at home in a flash. It feels uncanny. Put cucumbers in a jar. Cover them with clear salt water. Add a few spices. Wait a week or so, and you have delicious sour pickles in a tangy, cloudy green brine.…

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Blair Nosan Viewpoint: “It’s Time To Care”

This winter, Detroit Jews for Justice (DJJ) asked ourselves, “Why is it time to care?” We wanted to inspire our Jewish community to action on an issue we feel profoundly reflects our values. When we learned that almost half of all private sector workers don’t receive paid sick leave, and that single mothers and people…

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