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Nancy Botwin (Mary-Louise Parker) in Weeds stands against a green bullseye in a low cut top with flowing hair

Weeds – A Funny Show With Judaic Themes And Humor

Lauren Wallenfels Although Weeds is no longer in production, with Michigan’s recent vote to legalize marijuana, it seemed fitting to bring Weeds back to life. How does this show relate to Judaism, though? Weeds is an extremely funny show that features a lot of Judaic themes and humor. Classified as a “dark comedy-drama”, Weeds is…

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a close up on the book "A Spark of Light" by Jodi Picoult

Book Chat – “A Spark of Light” by Jodi Picoult

In Jodi Picoult’s “A Spark of Light,” hostage negotiator Hugh McElroy is called in to diffuse a hostage situation at the only abortion clinic in Mississippi. He finds out, to his dismay, that his daughter is inside the clinic and is being held hostage. McElroy’s sister is also in the clinic and is injured; though…

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The Bridge in Jerusalem showing the pointed height and chords handing down.

Tales From Israel – The Bridge

If you haven’t been to Jerusalem in a few years, you may not know about the new structure dominating the ancient city. It opened in 2011 after six years of construction in which everyone complained about the traffic congestion. There were barriers everywhere, and the roads were like parking lots. The structure is called The…

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four women looking down and holding each other with a comforting hand on one another's shoulders.

You Are Not Alone

I am going to share something profound that happened to me last week. No matter what I did and where I went, I felt a glass ball in the pit of my stomach releasing filthy grey exhaust from within me and out into the world. From the height of my brain, up in the heavens,…

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view of an orchestra hall from the point of view of a player with a music stand and a piece of music open on the stand. The concert hall is empty.

Jews, Richard Wagner and Anti-Semitism

This summer at Camp Interlochen, I struggled with how I felt about playing music by anti-Semitic composers. The events of Pittsburgh have once again brought my feelings into question, and I’m still figuring out where I stand. Toward the end of my six weeks at Interlochen, my orchestra and I were told we were going…

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two shoes in front of two arrows pointing in opposite directions on a gravel ground.

When I Couldn’t Decide What to Write About

It’s almost 1 a.m. in Israel and I am determined to write another JN blog post on holistic health! And yet, I am completely overwhelmed by all the different topics I could write about. So far, we’ve explored the nature of stress and your autonomic nervous system, the five elements and their relationship to the…

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The Journey Within – The Law Of Here And Now

The Law of Here and Now — looking backward to examine what was or looking forward to interpret what will be prevents us from being totally in the here and now. Here and now IS truly the ONLY reality; everything other than the present is a “was” or a “will be.” Above: Credit: Wikimedia/Toshihiro Oimatsu If…

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C rolls out strands of raw challah dough for braiding

Challah Back Kid

C has been sick for a couple of days, and though he’s feeling much better now — thankfully — we’re still stuck in our house, sitting here writing this blog together. On a stay home day (or days) like this, it can be hard to find ways to entertain, but C knew just the thing.…

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Beverly Goldberg from the ABC show The Goldbergs wears a brightly lit Hanukkah sweater that lights up a menorah.

The Goldbergs Celebrate Hanukkah

I recently watched an episode of The Goldbergs that I found to be very interesting. The Goldbergs features famous actor and fellow Jew Jeff Garlin as Murray Goldberg and Wendi McLendon-Covey as Beverly Goldberg. In this episode, Beverly Goldberg, the series’ mom, does everything she can to make Hanukkah like Christmas. She does so in many…

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