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Burlap Born Again

New local boutiques, businesses and brands you may not know — but should.

Teresa Rogers loves coffee.

She also has a lot of respect for the Earth and all it provides, and feels it’s important to do her part (and help others) to give back and take care of the world.

Although the former electrologist had no training in design or sewing, the Royal Oak native and longtime Brighton resident dabbles in painting and photography, and has always harbored a passion for textiles.

“The richness of colors, the textures, along with the durability and ease of manipulation — you can twist it and fold it, layer it, whatever you want,” Rogers says. “It’s all very appealing to me.”

She also surrounds herself with creativity whenever possible. Case in point: Her husband, Mike, often reclaims barn wood, vintage hardware and other metal scraps and transforms them into bird feeders and houses under the name Deeder Lane Habitats; and her 13-year-old son, Dylan, says Rogers, “is an up-and-coming graffiti artist.”

In 2008, Rogers and a girlfriend were perusing a Ferndale street fair, where many of the vendors offered green and recycled pieces. It started her thinking.

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