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woman stands silhouetted before a sunset.

The Journey Within – The Law of Responsibility

Own it! … Short but sweet. The understanding of the law of responsibility is so simple: It equates to adding conscious thinking before action. This is one of the greatest understandings in the mastery of life. We must “own” all our decisions; no one else is responsible for our choices. With the law of responsibility, we…

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The Journey Within – The Law of Growth

The law of growth = when we change ourselves, our lives follow suit and change, too. Shavua tov, everyone. Law No. 4 of the universal truths is how we can ultimately change the world. In my mind, any change we want to make in life starts with a thought that change is needed. Insanity is…

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tulips for The Journey Within and spring

The Journey Within – The Law of Humility

A big welcome to spring! I find spring a time of reflection and also of looking forward. As I reflect back, I will recap my thoughts so far: “Whatever we put into the universe will come back to us.” In other words, our actions and words matter and effect our experience with life. “Life does…

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