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Chanukah Wonderland Art Winners

From the JN Staff The three big winners at Chanukah Wonderland of the JN art contest — based on online voting — were Eitan Bernhardt, 6; Sydney Gutman, 8; and Ariella Gottfried, 11. Mazel tov!

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Ferrero Rocher chocolate with added wings and a head to make it look like a turkey

The KosHER Kitchen: Turkeys And Miracles

Molly Cohen For some reason, with the few cooking skills we’ve mastered, my husband Manny and I decided to host our first Thanksgiving as a newlywed couple (almost four months and still going strong!). Celebrating the holidays always comes with the difficult decision of whose family we’ll spend the day with, so spending the morning…

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Chanukah Text and the Bravery to Act

Chanukah gives us a chance to explore the question of visibility. We are called to display the miracle, as Jews all over the world place chanukiot in our windows for eight nights. In these times of elevated vulnerability, with increased attention given to white supremacist ideas, and in the aftermath of the deep loss in…

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8 Home Improvement Themed Chanukah Gifts from Hire It Done

Chanukah is a time for latkes, lighting candles and sufganiyot. It’s also become traditional for some to exchange gifts during the holiday. With the gift-giving spirit in mind, I’ve put together a list of 8 home improvement-themed gifts perfect for Chanukah. Handyman For A Day:  Take care of those nagging loose ends around the home…

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lit menorah with all 9 candles lit and a star of david in the middle

The Journey Within – The Laws of Chanukah

Lori Gordon-Michaeli LCSW Happy Chanukah, everyone! As we kindle the chanukiah and bless the candles, I write this last section in the 12 Laws: THE LAW OF PATIENCE AND REWARD         The most valuable rewards require persistence. THE LAW OF SIGNIFICANCE AND INSPIRATION        Rewards are a direct result of the energy and effort we…

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illustration of a lit menorah with a dog wearing a kippah and tallit with stars of David on them

8 Nights of Lights

From the JN Staff Chanukah is our favorite time of year at the JN. Each day during our contest when the mail comes, we have people eager to open those manila envelopes and see what’s inside. Toward the end of our contest, we get the artwork from students at Hillel and Farber day schools —…

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Joseph, son of Jacob, had eleven brothers. The brothers resented him for being Jacob’s favorite. Jacob had given Joseph a coat of many colors. That angered the brothers. Joseph had two dreams. In each he was lifted high above the brothers. That made them angry. They sold him into slavery and told their father he was dead. Joseph ended up in the house of Potiphar. He was successful and honored in that house until Potiphar’s wife tried to persuade him to have an inappropriate relationship. He refused and she falsely accused him. Joseph landed in jail. He was there until Pharaoh had a dream and needed someone to interpret it. He called for Joseph. Joseph told him famine was coming to Egypt and what needed to be done to prepare. Again Joseph gained success and prominence in Egypt. His brothers came to buy grain. Joseph told them to return and bring back the youngest brother. He demanded one brother stay behind. He tested his brothers by hiding money in their grain bags. They returned the money. They did as instructed, brought back Benjamin. Again Joseph tested his brothers by hiding a goblet in Benjamin’s bag. When found, he insisted Benjamin stay behind. The brothers begged for mercy for their father’s sake. Joseph knew they had changed. He revealed his identity and was reunited with his brothers and father, Jacob.

Weekly Torah Portion – Relationships Re-examined

Parshat Mikketz: Genesis 41:1-44:17; Numbers 28:9-15; 7:42-47. (Shabbat Rosh Chodesh Chanukah) Rabbi Ariana Silverman Jacob’s sons could recognize that a pervasive famine meant their families were on the brink of starvation. They knew there was food in Egypt, and that they could buy food from the one very powerful man who was in charge of…

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Looking Back at the JN Chanukah Art Contest

From the DJN Foundation Davidson Digital Archive of Jewish Detroit History Mike Smith Detroit Jewish News Foundation Archivist This is one of my favorite times of the year at the JN. It’s time for the 33rd Annual Chanukah Art Contest! OK, OK. I’ll admit there are a few artists, like that Rembrandt guy or Picasso…

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Rabbi Aura Ahuvia, Br. Al Mascia, Chazzan Steve Klaper of Song and Spirit Institute for Peace and congregant Jan Laurencelle light the Havdalah candle.


Congregation Shir Tikvah celebrates 36 years. Judy Greenwald Contributing Writer Photos by Eli Shapiro Congregation Shir Tikvah (CST) in Troy, the metro area’s only Reform-Renewal synagogue, celebrated its 36th (double chai) anniversary recently with a two-day gala themed “CST: Now and Forever.” Karen Sage, longtime congregant and one of the event organizers, noted the festivities began…

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