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Celebrity Jews – At The Movies: A Varied Choice

Hotel Artemis, which opens on Friday, June 8, is another Dystopian, quasi-science-fiction thriller. In the near-future, Los Angeles is riot-torn. Jodie Foster plays “The Nurse,” who runs a secret, members-only hospital for criminals. The cast includes Jeff Goldblum, 65, and Jenny Slate, 35. Hereditary, which also opens on June 8, got glowing reviews when it…

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Cinema Very Verite

In the summer, we scatter, we soak, we sizzle, we shvitz. And sometimes, we just need to sit still in the dark. One minute, you’re sweating into your Doritos® Locos Tacos Supreme and then next you’re alone watching the animated sequel to a sequel you didn’t see just because the film has the word “ice” in the title.
Far be it for me to begrudge anyone a chance to disappear into the crisp anonymity of an August matinee, but — don’t choke on a Junior Mint — you are missing out on a magical movie experience: outdoor summer screening.

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