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Prosecutor Gideon Hausner delivers his closing remarks while defendant Adolf Eichmann watches from a glass box in the background in 1961.

Hausner Requests Death Penalty for Adolf Eichmann

December 13, 1961 From the Center for Israel Education On May 11, 1960, Israeli Security Service members captured Adolf Eichmann, an architect of the Nazi Final Solution. He was living under the assumed identity of Ricardo Klement in Argentina. On May 23, 1960, Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion announced Eichmann’s capture to the Knesset stating, “Adolf…

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1950 poster proclaiming that the immigrant worker’s place is in the Histadrut.

Histadrut Is Founded

December 12, 1920 From the Center for Israel Education The General Federation of Jewish Labor, or the Histadrut, is founded in Haifa to serve as a neutral, independent trade union to represent all Jewish workers in Palestine. The Histadrut sought to represent both urban and rural workers, although in the early years, men and women…

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Knesset Speaker Joseph Sprinzak swears in Yitzhak Ben-Zvi as president on Dec. 10, 1952. He stands at an alter with a menorah on a tapestry on it and a soldier soluting behind him while men gather around and watch.

Yitzhak Ben-Zvi Is Inaugurated as Israel’s Second President

December 10, 1952 From the Center for Israel Education At the end of the traditional thirty-day mourning period for Israel’s first President Chaim Weizmann, Yitzhak Ben-Zvi is inaugurated as Israel’s President in a Knesset ceremony. Ben-Zvi, then 68, was elected by the Knesset on December 8th on the third ballot of voting receiving sixty-two votes…

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Shmuel Katz headshot with a man in a suit and glasses.

Shmuel Katz Is Born

December 9, 1914 From the Center for Israel Education Shmuel Katz, a leader of Revisionist Zionism and a founder of the Herut Party in Israel is born in Johannesburg, South Africa. As a young man in South Africa, Katz attended a speech by Ze’ev Jabotinsky, the leader of Revisionist Zionism and was greatly moved by…

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David Ben-Gurion’s body lies in state in a flag-draped coffin at the Knesset in 1973.

Ben-Gurion Passes Away

December 1, 1973 From the Center for Israel Education David Ben-Gurion, (born David Gruen) Israel’s first Prime Minister passes away at the Tel Hashomer-Sheba Medical Center in Tel-Aviv at the age of 87. Ben-Gurion had been hospitalized since suffering a stroke a few weeks earlier. After immigrating to the Land of Israel in 1906 from…

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Knesset Debates Israeli Withdrawal from Sinai

November 14, 1956 The Knesset debates Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion’s announcement that Israeli troops would withdraw from Sinai following the 1956 Suez War. A week earlier, Ben-Gurion announced on Israeli radio that that Israel would withdraw its troops from the Sinai following the 1956 Suez War. The brief war had been a collusively planned operation…

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Reuven Rubin paints a portrait of his son in 1951.

Artist Reuven Rubin Is Born

November 13, 1893 Reuven Rubin, one of Israel’s most acclaimed painters is born in Galatz, Romania. Rubin (born Rubin Zelicovici), whose family was both very poor and very religious (his father was the leader of the local congregation), was enchanted by the stories of the Land of Israel he would hear from visiting emissaries who…

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Chaim Weizmann, shown in 1949, played an important role in obtaining the Balfour Declaration and became Israel’s first president.

Chaim Weizmann Dies

November 9, 1952 Chaim Weizmann, a leader of the Zionist movement and the first President of the State of Israel, passed away at his home in Rehovot after a year-long illness. Among his myriad of contributions to the creation of the State of Israel was his role in obtaining British consent for the 1917 Balfour…

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Prime Minister Levi Eshkol casting his ballot in the 1965 election of the sixth Knesset.

Sixth Knesset Elections Are Held in Israel

November 1, 1965 Elections for the Sixth Knesset are held in Israel. The background to the 1965 elections began in June 1963 when David Ben-Gurion resigned as Prime Minister for the second time (he had previously resigned in 1953 but returned to the premiership in 1955). The resignation came as a surprise to both the…

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Moshe Dayan

Moshe Dayan Passes Away

October 16, 1981 Moshe Dayan, Israel’s iconic military and political leader passes away from a heart attack at the age of 66 in a Tel Aviv hospital. Dayan was born in 1915 and raised in Nahalal. During the Arab Riots of 1936-1939, Dayan joined the special Jewish police forces as well as the night squads…

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