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Commentary: An Open Letter to Lena from Ben (Only)

Dear Lena, I hope — and I hope that you’ll take me as sincere throughout — that this message finds you and your family well. I can only imagine the rollercoaster you were on these past months. We don’t know each other that well. Of everyone who signed and funded the Detroit Jewish News ad…

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The Jewish News Rosh Hashanah shofar issue from 1944.

Looking Back At Rosh Hashanah

From the JN Foundation Davidson Digital Archives of Jewish Detroit History With Rosh Hashanah just days away, I thought I would do a bit of research into the Davidson Digital Archives to see how the holiday was covered over the years by the JN and the Jewish Chronicle. The answer is that there was a…

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Tears on the Window by Stephen Goldman

“Flight 405 will be departing shortly to Detroit. Please be sure that your seat belts are fastened securely. Enjoy your flight.” Holiday break. One of those marvelous times in a student’s life; a lull in the storm between classes and final exams. This year, however, was different. He had moved to an out-of-state school. Hundreds…

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Detroit Jewish Chronicle story on Windsor Jews

Looking Back At The Detroit-Windsor Connection

From the JN Foundation Davidson Digital Archive of Jewish Detroit History Many Michigan citizens have connections to Canada, including members of Metropolitan Detroit’s Jewish community. Thousands upon thousands of immigrants to Michigan over the past three centuries have come to the state after spending some years in Canada. For one example, as of the 2016…

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portable radio

Looking Back At The Morrisons

From the JN Foundation Davidson Digital Archive of Jewish Detroit History Writing history is often like a treasure hunt. You follow the clues wherever they may lie to try to build a complete story, and there are always unexpected discoveries. Now, I would like to think I am like Indiana Jones searching for lost artifacts…

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Detroit Jewish News article from July 17, 2011 about the new land for the Holocaust Memorial Center HMC

Holocaust Memorial Center – From the DJN Davidson Digital Archives

One of the cultural gems in Detroit is the Holocaust Memorial Center in Farmington Hills. Yes, the HMC focuses on a singular theme — the Holocaust — and this is a tough subject to address. The Holocaust was the darkest era in Jewish history, as well as world history. I agree with the premise that…

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From the DJN Davidson Digital Archive

Cruising through the Davidson Digital Archives, I ran across a photo on the front page of the Aug. 25, 1989, issue of the JN. My first thought was who is that guy with tall hair and the big black mustache? Definitely looks like a young 1980s-type guy. He was an immigrant — the article said…

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Detroit Jewish News article from March 24, 2016 titled "125 Years of Service"

Orchards Children’s – From the DJN Davidson Digital Archive

Jewish women in Detroit have had some remarkable accomplishments over the past 100 years. We know this. So, why am I thinking about this particular topic for this week’s column? Because I had a very pleasant and interesting meeting with Michael E. Williams. The meeting came about by happenstance on Mackinac Island in June. We…

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Detroit Jewish News March 27, 1942 issue featuring Boyer’s Haunted Shacks advertisements for radios.

Radio History – From the DJN Davidson Digital Archive

There was a very interesting advertisement in the March 27, 1942, issue of the JN — the paper’s very first issue. The ad was about the great selection of portable radios offered by “Boyer’s Haunted Shacks.” First, the technology of the day is interesting. According to Zenith Electronics company history, a historic maker of radios…

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Joyce Keller in the Detroit Jewish News October 2, 2008 issue

Joyce Keller – From the DJN Davidson Digital Archive

Like many folks in Metro Detroit, I have family members with developmental disabilities, including a nephew with autism and a goddaughter with Down syndrome. So, it always makes me feel good to read about those individuals who devote their lives and energies to helping children who face challenges in their lives. An essay by Robert…

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