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Antonio’s and Roman Village Restaurants Celebrate 55 Years in Business

Sponsored by Antonio’s and Roman Village Photography courtesy of Antonio’s and Roman Village   55 years in any business is a milestone and in the restaurant business, it is considered an impressive feat. What’s even more remarkable is Antonio’s and Roman Village restaurants are family-owned and operated. Antonio Rugiero Sr. immigrated from southern Italy in 1962…

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After New Zealand, Communities Stand Together

By Stacy Gittleman Featured photo via The Muslim Unity Center Facebook In gestures of reciprocal love and unity that they received from their Muslim brothers and sisters following the Tree of Life massacre, rabbis, leaders and others in the Jewish community attended area mosques to mourn the New Zealand terror attacks that took the lives…

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Article on Henry Ford’s Anti-Semitism Causes Dissension in Dearborn

Bill McGraw and Agustin Arbulu weigh in on Mayor O’Reilly’s actions. By Shari Cohen, Contributing Writer Automotive pioneer Henry Ford’s anti-Semitism is well-documented. While he was an innovator in automotive manufacturing, he held some centuries-old myths about Jews as the controllers of banks and global finance. In 1919 he bought a weekly newspaper, The Dearborn…

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City of Dearborn Responds to Decision to Yank Journal Featuring Ford’s Anti-Semitism

By Keri Guten Cohen, Contributing Writer Dearborn Mayor Jack O’Reilly halted the distribution of the current issue of The Dearborn Historian, a publication of the Dearborn Historical Museum, which contained a special report, “Henry Ford and the Independent Jew,” coinciding with the 100th anniversary of Henry Ford’s purchase of the Dearborn Independent, a weekly newspaper…

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Antonio’s Cucina Italiana

Danny Raskin: That’s Italian!

Antonio’s Cucina Italiana has been serving authentic Old-World fare since 1964. When speaking of Italian dining, done usually with much reverence, the name Antonio’s Cucina Italiana … as of this year is now at five localities … is many times said with much appeal because of the place it holds in conversations about truly authentic…

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Talking To Ourselves

Once again, events in Israel have intensified and, once again, many in the Jewish community are frantically sending flurries of emails and articles to each other. “You must read this one” we write to each other, “This writer says it best!” For many of us — myself included — we are like literary traffic cops,…

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Judie Goodman competing with her dance instructor Art McDuffy

A Connection

Local dance competitor recalls her mother as she dances. Judie Goodman dances for her mother. The 64-year-old oncologist/hematologist takes to the dance floor with her husband, Kurt Vilders, and competes with dance instructor and Huntington Woods resident Art McDuffey as a way to relieve stress from her high-powered career as medical director of oncology services…

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