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Six Holiday Survival Tips for Divorced Parents

 When we think of the holidays, we would all like to think about peace, harmony and good will. Holidays are times for our children to have a ball and create lasting memories. Unfortunately, over 4 million divorced parents in the United States may not feel happy when it comes to thinking about the holidays. But…

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Mediator Barbara Smith: Protect Your Children in Divorce

It is an interesting set of circumstances that divorcing parents find themselves in isn’t it?  Divorce is one of the most emotionally taxing events that can occur in your life and yet it is at this very moment, when you are most personally challenged, that you are required to be the strongest parent possible. Children…

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Mediation Lawyer Helps Couples During Divorce

Until death do us part. Though a familiar phrase, its concept is one not adhered to in Judaism.  In fact, if there is irreconcilable dissention between marital partners, Jews are allowed to dissolve the relationship rather than stay in a loveless marriage. Even with this affirmation, divorce is never an easy solution. At best, spouses…

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