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Jewish News Foundation Taps New Board Members, VP

Matt Friedman and Scott Eisenberg have been elected to the Board of Directors of the independent, non-profit Detroit Jewish News Foundation. Their terms were effective January 1, 2019. Friedman and Eisenberg are well regarded for their professional and communal achievements. Friedman is the co-founder of Tanner Friedman Strategic Communications, where he works directly with clients…

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Osias Zwerdling in the Nov. 5, 1948, issue of the JN that reported that Zwerdling’s friends, citizens of Ann Arbor, and University of Michigan faculty and students were celebrating his 70th birthday.

Looking Back At Osias Zwerdling

From the DJN Foundation Davidson Digital Archive of Jewish Detroit History Next week will mark the 140th birthday of a very important Michigan Jew: Osias Zwerdling. This is not a household name in Detroit, so don’t feel bad if you don’t know his name, but he is someone to consider and remember. For many years,…

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From the JN Foundation Davidson Digital Archive of Jewish Detroit History

I was thinking about Canada again this week after Carolyn Gray, my good friend from Hamilton, Ontario, reminded me that “Labor Day” in Canada is actually “Labour Day.” Recently, I wrote a bit about the relationship of Detroit and Michigan to Windsor, Ontario, and elsewhere in Canada, and pointed out that many of us have…

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Detroit Jewish Chronicle April 7, 1916 beer ads beer ad for Goebels Beer.

Beer Ads – From the DJN Davidson Digital Archive

While writing about the JN from 1942-43 over the past year, several times I referred to fascinating advertisements from Schmidt’s Beer, the beer that (per its ads) contributed so mightily to the effort to win World War II. I guess I miss writing about Schmidt’s beer ads, so this week, I decided to see just…

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Detroit Jewish News 04-19-2013 ediiton Bookstock

Bookstock – From the DJN Davidson Digital Archive

If you really like books, then next week might be your favorite time of the year. It’s the week of Bookstock, the largest used book and media sale in Michigan. I wondered about the history of Bookstock. So, naturally, I looked into the William Davidson Digital Archives to see what was in the historic pages…

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Susie Citrin – From the DJN Davidson Digital Archive

For the past year, my look back 75 years into the pages of the JN often meant writing about some heavy subject such as war, Nazis and Jewish refugees from Europe. As I return to combing the pages of the William Davidson Digital Archives, I have been looking for stories of Detroit’s Jewish community that…

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