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2012 — A Great Year to Buy Stocks

On the horizon: The next great revolution in productivity.

Disclaimer …
I am not a stock market analyst, licensed broker, financial analyst nor financial planner. I do own stocks, including S&P funds. This article is not meant to be stock market advice nor a predictor of future performance. It is an economic analysis of the stock market, more from an academic, theoretical point of view, based on how I see the data. Do not make a decision on your money based on this article. I disavow any responsibility for any decision you make. You do so at your own risk.

This should be a great year to buy U.S. stocks. The market is finally realizing the promise of the boom and is poised to see the potential of the next great revolution in productivity. There will definitely be bumps in the road; but over three years or more, these should smooth out and U.S. stocks should be a good investment.

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Economics in Brief

A bill expected to pass the state Senate and be signed into law would limit where welfare recipients could use their state-issued debit cards. The state House passed bills that would restrict the use of Michigan Bridge Cards, used like debit cards, for state food assistance and cash programs. The bill prevents Bridge cardholders from withdrawing cash from casino ATMs and from buying lottery tickets, alcohol and tobacco. Other bills in the package would require the state to deactivate a Bridge card when a recipient is in jail.

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