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Jamie Hamilton

Advice from an Engineering VP Part 1: The Value of Feedback

By Ryan Landau Feedback. It’s one little word, but it can make or break a great product, a growing business, or a thriving career. The latter was the case for Jamie Hamilton, the Vice President of Engineering at United Shore. When we initially sat down to interview Hamilton, we were eager to learn about leadership development.…

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Look for the Naale booth at the Walk for Israel May 6. Naale Elite Academy in Israel

Free High School In Israel

Above: Look for the Naale booth at the Walk for Israel May 6. Family comes full circle at Walk for Israel. In 2016, when the Pearlman family stepped out to support and celebrate the modern Jewish state, they never imagined where Detroit’s Walk for Israel would take them. On that day, they crossed paths with…

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Concentrated female surgeon performing surgery with her team in hospital operating room. Medics during surgery in operation theater.

Israeli Parents Want Kids To Be Doctors

Survey shows parents favor careers in tech or engineering. The classic stereotype of the Jewish mother who wants her child to be a doctor or lawyer is only partially true in Israel, a survey published last week showed. While most Israeli parents do want their children to go into medicine, law is only the seventh…

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