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salmon from Ocean Prime

Danny Raskin: A Prime Choice

Troy’s Ocean Prime celebrates 10 years. Some call it a seafood restaurant … Others say steak restaurant … Both win … plus a smattering of Japanese delicious favorites tossed in three years ago … This is the Ocean Prime eatery … built in all its splendor from the ground up … at Coolidge Hwy. and…

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The Paul Best Elementary school reunion is August 18, 2018.

Best Of The Best

Eve Silberman Special to the Jewish News Reunion of Oak Park school recalls its rich diversity. Shortly after the Paul Best Elementary School opened in the fall of 1954, a dispute broke out over placing a Christmas tree in the lobby. Some Jewish parents (many had moved to Oak Park to avoid anti-Semitism) expressed discomfort…

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Reading, Writing & Tolerance

Shira Chai (Sally Kotler), who lives in Israel, welcomes her former Paul Best classmate Joanna Rebelgale. Best Elementary grads Prepare for a reunion Aug. 17th In her kibbutz in Israel, former Oak Park resident Shira Chai, 61, finds escape from the tensions of a country at war by scrolling through the Facebook page of the Paul…

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