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Casey Diskin works with Hadley on the floor on big pillows

Seeking Fulfillment

Volunteer jobs with kids with special needs lead to passionate careers. Jennifer Lovy Contributing Writer Jessica Borin should be five months away from receiving her bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from the University of Michigan. But, instead of finishing her senior year of college, she’s taking a break from classes and applying to U-M’s occupational…

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Bloomfield Hills High School exterior showing brick and glass building and raised American flag

Hate Speech

Bloomfield Hills High School looks at restorative methods to heal its culture. Stacy Gittleman Contributing Writer Since the start of the school year, the taunts about being Jewish among ninth-graders in Bloomfield Hills High School occur at such a frequent basis that no one thought to report them. This is how one Jewish student, who…

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Getting Graphic

For an adult reader, to pick up a graphic novel can be a comfort and a challenge. This season’s newest titles delve into memory and history, sometimes fusing the two, with marks of creativity and originality extending beyond the frames and panels. Sandee Brawarsky Special to the Jewish News Minding the Store: A Big Story…

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businessman hand hold crystal ball with building inside

Build Your Business Wisely, Nothing Lasts Forever

Are you building a business that will last? The strong U.S. economy has brought prosperity to many in the business community. As a result, most companies and industries have enjoyed significant growth. But all good things, unfortunately, come to an end. The same holds true in business. Markets are cyclical. That’s why it’s important to…

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William Davidson Permanent Exhibition Gallery rendering showing glass cases and people walking in a wide open space.

Davidson Gallery

New National Library of Israel will use the space to display collection treasures. Louis Finkelman Contributing Writer Construction has begun for a new home for the National Library of Israel, located across from the Knesset and the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. Scheduled for completion in 2021, the 480,000-square-foot building should become a major attraction for…

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bowling alley showing bowling ball hitting the pins

It’s Hip To Bowl A 300 Game

Steve Stein  Contributing Writer Lyle Schaefer is perhaps the most unlikely bowler to be the first to roll a 300 game in the Brotherhood-Eddie Jacobson B’nai B’rith league since the league switched homes late last season. Not because Schaefer isn’t a good bowler. He definitely knows what he’s doing on the lanes. He now has…

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Amy Sedaris “I Like You” Sprinkles

At Home: Editor’s Picks From Fishs Eddy

A few of our favorite things from Fishs Eddy. Lynne Konstantin Arts & Life Editor Julie Gaines and Dave Lenowitz had just opened a small antiques shop in New York City’s Gramercy Park when they came across an upstate hamlet called Fishs Eddy — and they had their name that proved as charmingly quirky and…

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Randy Childs sifts through the ashes of his yurt on the grounds of Camp JCA Shalom in Malibu, one of three Jewish camps there destroyed by the Woolsey blaze.

From the Ashes

Former Tamarack outdoors pioneer lost all in California wildfire. Jennifer Lovy Contributing Writer Photos by Matthew Childs If you went to Tamarack in the mid-1970s or ’80s and participated in pioneer skills, the ropes courses or a nature center program, you met Randy Childs. You may not remember his name or even recognize his face…

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Michigan State capital in Lansing, Michigan showing the capital building on a cloudy day

JN Editorial: Tlaib Seeking Global Spotlight to the Detriment of her District

Michigan’s 13th Congressional District is one of America’s most impoverished. Anchored by large swaths of the city of Detroit, it reflects the massive challenges faced by many of the approximately 700,000 people who reside within its boundaries. Inferior public and charter schools. Crumbling infrastructure. High unemployment and low wages. Dirty air and water. Neglected and…

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Joseph, son of Jacob, had eleven brothers. The brothers resented him for being Jacob’s favorite. Jacob had given Joseph a coat of many colors. That angered the brothers. Joseph had two dreams. In each he was lifted high above the brothers. That made them angry. They sold him into slavery and told their father he was dead. Joseph ended up in the house of Potiphar. He was successful and honored in that house until Potiphar’s wife tried to persuade him to have an inappropriate relationship. He refused and she falsely accused him. Joseph landed in jail. He was there until Pharaoh had a dream and needed someone to interpret it. He called for Joseph. Joseph told him famine was coming to Egypt and what needed to be done to prepare. Again Joseph gained success and prominence in Egypt. His brothers came to buy grain. Joseph told them to return and bring back the youngest brother. He demanded one brother stay behind. He tested his brothers by hiding money in their grain bags. They returned the money. They did as instructed, brought back Benjamin. Again Joseph tested his brothers by hiding a goblet in Benjamin’s bag. When found, he insisted Benjamin stay behind. The brothers begged for mercy for their father’s sake. Joseph knew they had changed. He revealed his identity and was reunited with his brothers and father, Jacob.

Weekly Torah Portion – What The World Needs Now

Parshat Vayigash: Genesis 44:18-47:27; Ezekiel 37:15-28. Rabbi Shlomo Riskin The poignant moment when Joseph and Benjamin are reunited after a separation of 22 years is one of the most tender scenes in the Torah. After a long chronicle of difficult brotherly relationships, we finally come across two brothers who truly love each other. The only…

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