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Close-up Of A Person Throwing The Leftover Pasta Into The Trash Bin

Study Finds Israeli Families Waste $890 of Food Annually

Leket Israel and BDO’s recent study found high amounts of food waste among Israeli families, affecting the economy as a whole. By Allison Jacobs Findings in a recent study revealed waste in an Israel is a growing problem. In a press release from Leket Israel and BDO Israel on the Fourth Annual Food Waste and…

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Hungry Harvest zero food waste

Hungry Harvest

Rob Streit JN Intern Company rescues ugly fruits and veggies from going to waste. Community-supported agriculture has grown in popularity in recent years. CSAs as they are called, provide consumers the chance to buy a “farm share” and, in return, the farm provides a box of produce each week. But Hungry Harvest takes the idea…

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These discarded veggies will turn into black gold for gardeners.

No More Waste

Hazon Detroit serves up healthy heaps of compost — just in time for Earth Day. In the North End neighborhood of Detroit near historic Oakland Avenue, there is a large patch of land where houses used to stand, houses where Jewish immigrants first began their American journey, that in time became the homes for some…

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