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partial view of woman holding retro suitcase isolated on grey

For Openers: How Long Do You Think You’ll Stay Here?

What it’s like moving to Detroit and what it’s like to stay I’ve lived in Detroit for a little over two years and, in that time, I have been asked at least once a week how long I plan to stay. I get the question from people back home, understandably: my parents in New York,…

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Checkers or draughts on a checker board

For Openers: Are You Game?

Sy Manello Editorial Assistant Would you describe yourself as a “player”? Are you GAME to try to analyze what you are saying? Of course! That is why we are going to look at how games influence our conversations. You may find it DICE-y to invest without an analysis of the investment. It is not good…

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An artist’s concept of the Mars Science Laboratory spacecraft approaching Mars. A large planet with a small spacecraft in the front

For Openers: What Planet Are You From?

Alan Muskovitz Contributing Writer NASA spent nearly the last seven months guiding its InSight Mars lander through 301,223,981 miles of space at 12,300 mph, then, at the precise planned moment, stuck the landing on Nov. 26 on the surface of the red planet. (After 47 years of driving, I still can’t parallel park.) Meanwhile, several states…

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A recent Coalition Shabbat dinner

For Openers: Building Alliances Over Dinner

It’s 7:30 p.m. on Friday night, and the dinner party called for 7 p.m. has just reached enough critical mass to get started. Jokes are made about “Jewish time,” “black time” and the fact that we never would have begun on time. Twenty-five young professionals and creatives are piled into an event room in the…

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Many men in lines like soldiers or clones

For Openers: Department of Redundancy Department

Sy Manello Editorial Assistant We don’t usually choose to waste words. However, some bad habits have crept into our conversations and we often repeat ourselves. Have you ever recounted to someone what happened at 10 a.m. in the morning? (There is no other 10 a.m.) But you heard from a close personal friend (which a…

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Cameraman Recording Female Journalist Interviewing Businessman

For Openers: Political Ads And Online Buying — Painful!

Editor‘s Note: This humor column was written before the tragic shooting at the Pittsburgh synagogue. Have you heard? The mid-term elections are next week. Really. Turn on your television and wait a quarter of a second and you might catch one of the thoroughly enjoyable political ads, which is a nice respite from the 3…

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Alan Muskovitz edges in for an interview with Tiger Woods in 2004.

For Openers: My Glory Days

Tiger Woods has nothing on me. Above: Alan Muskovitz edges in for an interview with Tiger Woods in 2004. I just finished enjoying two events on television that involved participants desperate for big victories — and it didn’t involve politics I spent the afternoon of Sept. 23 watching the dramatic finish to Tiger Woods’ win in…

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For Openers: Room For More Meanings, Especially About Sukkot

I love how when you’re talking to someone, it can be so clear to you exactly what you mean; you’re both nodding away and then you come to a sudden crossroads mid-conversation and realize you both meant something entirely different. Like when a kid comments on how ancient someone is, “like, at least, thirty-FIVE!” and…

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Grandson Marc Kestenberg at his May 17 wedding in Toronto with his grandfather Harry Chil Zborowski

For Openers: Coming Full Circle

On Saturday, Aug. 18, I traveled by train out of Windsor to Toronto for the funeral of my 99-year-old cousin Harry Chil Zborowski. I settled into my seat for the 5:45 evening departure, relieved that I was going to arrive Sunday on time to pay my final respects to the most amazing man I had…

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Kippahs Yarmulkes Jewish Hats Covers Israeli Star of David Souvenirs Safed Tsefat Israel. Kippahs/Yarmulkes are Jewish headgear worn by men during a Jewish. Required by Judaisim. kippah

For Openers: Today, I Shaved My Best Friend’s Head

Identity and gevurah (strength). Today, I shaved my best friend’s head. As a result, I choose to address my own identity by wearing a kippah. Visible signs of faith are tricky. In Orthodoxy, it is separated first and foremost by gender. For women, there is the question of covering their hair. And how to cover…

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