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Count Stanislas de Claremont-Tonnerre painting

The French National Assembly Debates Citizenship for Jews

December 23, 1789 From the Center for Israel Education Following the French Revolution and the August 26th Declaration of the Rights of Man, the issue of Jewish rights is debated in the French National Assembly for three days with no conclusion reached. During the debate, Count Stanislas de Claremont-Tonnerre issued his infamous statement, “The Jews should be…

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Detroit Jewish News article from July 17, 2011 about the new land for the Holocaust Memorial Center HMC

Holocaust Memorial Center – From the DJN Davidson Digital Archives

One of the cultural gems in Detroit is the Holocaust Memorial Center in Farmington Hills. Yes, the HMC focuses on a singular theme — the Holocaust — and this is a tough subject to address. The Holocaust was the darkest era in Jewish history, as well as world history. I agree with the premise that…

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