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Generous Grant Brings Genetic Screening Awareness

JScreen will provide education and tools for genetic testing in Metro Detroit Thanks to a generous grant from the Detroit Medical Center Foundation, JScreen will raise awareness about genetic carrier screening in the Detroit community and will provide screening and educational resources. “This grant will give us the necessary resources to get out into the…

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nursery with a crib and a rocking chair with a giant stuffed elephant in it

Conversion and Genetic Screening

Leslie Rott Because my fiancé is converting to Judaism, I was very relieved that we wouldn’t need to do any type of genetic screening for genetic diseases that are typical for those of Jewish ancestry. However, we were talking to the Rabbi about whether there were any Jewish laws against in-utero genetic screening and the…

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This Chanukah, Couples Who Spit Together, Stick Together

JScreen, a not-for-profit at home education and genetic carrier screening program, today highlighted the top 5 reasons couples should spit to ensure that they receive essential genetic information that can help them plan for their future babies. To utilize the $18 per kit Chanukah discount, please enter Code GELT2018 at check-out.  The code and discount expire on…

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Howard and Sarah Katz, left, meet with Certified Genetics Counselor Rachel Hagen, MS, CGC and Michael Simon, M.D., MPH, medical director of the Cancer Genetic Counseling Service, both of the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute.

Will I Get Cancer?

Elizabeth Katz Special to the Jewish News Proactive genetic testing and counseling can help cut risks of breast and other cancers. Sarah Katz was 22 when her father, Howard, was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. She had recently graduated from college and had plans to move out of state to explore career opportunities. She…

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Parkinson disease written in a medical form.

Genetic Testing

Using our heritage to find a cure for Parkinson’s disease. A neurodegenerative disorder whose cause is unknown, Parkinson’s disease was first described in 1817 as “shaking palsy” by James Parkinson, for whom the condition is named. The onset of symptoms — tremors, slowness and stiffness, walking and balance issues, and a host of non-movement symptoms, including…

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