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Gershom Scholem

Gershom Scholem Is Born

December 5, 1897 From the Center for Israel Education Gershom (Gerhard) Scholem, preeminent scholar of Jewish mysticism is born in Berlin. Scholem, who was born into an assimilated German family, turned to Zionism at an early age. Scholem’s interest in Judaica and Zionism was against the wishes of his father. Despite the opposition of his…

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Nov 11, 1938 issue of the Detroit Jewish Chronicle featuring the headline:

Looking Back At Kristallnacht

From the DJN Foundation Davidson Digital Archive of Jewish Detroit History Mike Smith Detroit Jewish News Foundation Archivist It has been 80 years since Kristallnacht, “Crystal Night” or the “Night of Broken Glass.” This refers to a wave of extreme anti-Semitic violence in Germany on Nov. 9-10, 1938. Because of the shooting of a Nazi…

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Hebrew University President Judah Magnes delivers his year-opening speech Nov. 5, 1933.

Judah Magnes Outlines Hebrew University Expansion

November 5, 1933 In a speech marking the opening of the 1933-34 academic year, Judah Magnes, the President of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, outlined a plan for the University’s expansion. It included the creation of fourteen new positions for Jewish professors from Germany. They lost their positions as part of Nazi policy to dehumanize…

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close up on a German flag waiving in the wind for Germany Close Up

Germany Close Up

The Well is taking a group of young adults to Germany for the second consecutive year. Germany Close Up, June 27-July 5, is an encounter program that aims to build transatlantic relationships and give American young professionals the chance to learn about Germany’s past and experience modern Germany and the Jewish community there. Due to…

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On the evening of September 4th, hours before the attack, the Israeli Olympic team attended a performance of Fiddler on the Roof and posed for the above picture with the play’s cast. Israeli Olympics team in the Summer Munich Olympics in 1972

Israeli Olympic Team Is Massacred In Munich

Center for Israel Education September 5, 1972 During the Summer Munich Olympics in Germany, 11 members of the Israeli Olympic team are killed after nine are taken hostage by Black September, a Palestinian terrorist organization affiliated with Yasser Arafat’s Fatah. Just after 4:00 am on September 5, as the Israeli athletes slept, the eight terrorists jumped over the…

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Tim Kalkhof in The Cakemaker (2017)

Religion, Sex and Pastries

Tom Tugend Jewish Journal of Greater L.A. The Israeli-German film The Cakemaker — an indie festival favorite — has it all. The Cakemaker should satisfy the most finicky pastry lover, but the Israeli-German co-production has also elicited both ecstatic praise and sneering dismissal from film critics. Variety gushes over the “tender, tactile” atmosphere of the…

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Bowl in Movement with Flower

New To Michigan

The 16th-annual Orchard Lake Fine Arts Fair brings 165 artists to town, including first-timer Gail Markiewicz. Among the many hundreds of artists visiting Michigan to show their creativity at summer fairs — and perhaps getting a chance to enjoy the waters of the Great Lakes — is one making a debut appearance with a unique…

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Ann Arbor 11th-Grader Wins Bronfman Fellowship

Ellie Makar-Limanov of Ann Arbor, a Huron High School student, is one of 26 students nationwide to be chosen for a Bronfman Fellowship. The group of 11th-graders will participate in a transformative five-week program of study and travel in Israel, followed by a rigorous year of programming centered around pluralism, social responsibility and Jewish texts.…

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President Donald Trump

Reactions to President Trump’s Decision to Withdraw From the Iran Nuclear Deal

FROM THE AMERICAN ISRAEL PUBLIC AFFAIRS COMMITTEE (AIPAC) [This] decision is not an endpoint. Rather, it provides an important opportunity to apply further diplomatic and economic pressure on Iran in order to both prevent the regime from ever acquiring a nuclear weapons capability and to push back against its expanding regional aggression. It is our…

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camels represent the middle east

Trump Opens A New Chapter In Volatile Mideast

By Nixing Iran Nuclear Deal Trump Opens A New Chapter In Volatile Mideast With European powers either unable, or unwilling, to meet his demand to “fix” the Iran nuclear deal, President Donald Trump on May 8 followed through on his threat to “nix” the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), as it is formally known,…

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