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Grapes Of Mirth

Ah, the waning days of summer. The days grow shorter, the nights cooler. Finally, the grapes ripen. Local winemaking enthusiasts prepare for yet another season of home brewing. One of those oenologists (experts in the science of wine) is Zev (Victor) Wrotslavsky, a certified public accountant in private practice in Southfield.
Wrotslavsky’s winemaking hobby started with a memory. His grandfather made wine at home in Chicago during the Great Depression. When his grandfather died, Wrotslavsky’s mother inherited the equipment. It sat unused, but not forgotten, for years. When Wrotslavsky moved into his home in Southfield 25 years ago, he found grapes growing on the fence. His next-door neighbor, a dentist, was retiring from making wine and offered Wrotslavsky both the grapes and his equipment as well. So started an adventure in home brewing.

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