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GreenSpace & Go bowls

Better Than Fast Food – GreenSpace & Go

GreenSpace & Go offers a healthier alternative. Local cardiologist and vegan restaurateur Dr. Joel Kahn is all about making healthy food accessible. His first restaurant, GreenSpace Café in Ferndale, along with the popular GreenSpace Jungle Truck, were catalysts for his latest development, GreenSpace & Go. Located along Woodward Avenue, just south of 14 Mile, GreenSpace…

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Fressing with Fishman: Return Of A Classic

Capitol Park’s the Albert, a luxury apartment building, will help resurrect Detroit’s La Lanterna later this year, with Edoardo Barbieri’s grandson Edward, his wife, Suzie, and sisters Ann Kolinski and Alicia Topolinski prepared to reopen in the same neighborhood where their family opened its first restaurant in 1956. A fall debut is planned for a…

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