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Opinion – Point: A Defense Of IfNotNow

Editor’s Note: Last week, the JN ran a story “Standing With Israel” (page 17, May 3) about a protest the group IfNotNow held at Hillel Day School on April 19. We asked two community members to share their thoughts on this relatively new group. We believe this topic is relevant to our readers and the…

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illustration of four women holding hands and a man holding matzah.

Inspiring Haggadot

Illuminated manuscripts tell the same Pesach story in a handcrafted way. Once upon a time, owning a book amounted to a big deal. To begin with, to get parchment for the pages, you had to slaughter a flock of sheep. For the words, you would need a skilled calligrapher with a beautiful hand. Another specialist,…

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From 2017 High Holiday services: Rabbi Ariana Silverman, Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue, Pastor Aramis Hinds, Bethel Community Transformational Center, and his wife, Rosanna Hinds; IADS member Rick Wiener of East Lansing; and Arlene Frank, IADS executive director.

Passover: Detroit Style

Downtown Synagogue to share its pre-seder with community partners. Why is this night different from all other nights? The Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue (IADS) grappled with the question anew this year when they learned the Tigers Opening Day landed on the same day as the synagogue’s traditional second-night community seder. The popular game meant impossible…

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Pinterest ideas prompted many creative ideas at the Pinterest for Passover event hosted March 8 by Thread at Hillel Day School. Melanie Weber and Clara Gaba of Hillel recreated many of the Pinterest ideas on display. Here, the parting of the Red Sea is depicted using Lego figures, cardboard pyramids and water made of blue tablecloths.

Holiday Readiness – Passover

Experts and events offer engaging ideas for your Passover seder. The ancient rabbis from centuries ago knew it all along: The seder is the ultimate teaching tool designed to immerse Jews in the exodus from Egypt by engaging all our senses. Following this cue, many activities around town are preparing Jewish Detroit for the Feast…

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Dr. Ron and Cheryl Rasansky had haggadot personalized for their family.

Don’t Sweat It!

Seder veterans give advice for a low-stress first seder. Having a seder for the first time may be a daunting prospect. It’s a home service combined with an elaborate multi-course meal with foods that help tell the Passover story. And everyone has strong memories of their family seders with special foods and traditions, so there…

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