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Bloomfield Hills High School exterior showing brick and glass building and raised American flag

Hate Speech

Bloomfield Hills High School looks at restorative methods to heal its culture. Stacy Gittleman Contributing Writer Since the start of the school year, the taunts about being Jewish among ninth-graders in Bloomfield Hills High School occur at such a frequent basis that no one thought to report them. This is how one Jewish student, who…

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chalk writing on a sidewalk reading "#Love one another" #loveoneanother

Essay: Hate

Maya Angelou once said, “Hate, it has caused a lot of problems in the world, but it has not solved one yet.” There is so much truth in that quote. That truth continues to prove itself century after century. Currently, it feels as if hate is more prominent in the world than love. When will…

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Iris Schaen and Jenny Schaen hug as they join with others for a Community-Wide Solidarity Vigil at the Holocaust Memorial Miami Beach to remember the victims of the mass shooting at a Pittsburgh temple on October 30, 2018 in Miami Beach, Florida.

How Interfaith Families Can Heal After Pittsburgh

Robyn B. Martin, The Forward Around the time my relationship with my now-wife Rachael took a turn for the serious, we went for a hike in the desert and talked about religion. Rachael is Jewish. I am Catholic. Rachael’s Jewishness was mostly cultural. (Holiday recipes, yes! Holiday services or prayers, absolutely no!) Above: Iris Schaen and Jenny…

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scrabble letters reading "no hate"

One Day Against Hate

Jackie Headapohl Managing Editor ADL organizes social media campaign. In 2017, the number of anti-Semitic incidents in the U.S. rose 57 percent, the largest year-over-year increase on record since the ADL started tracking such data in 1979. The blame points in many directions. “No single group has the monopoly on morality, from white supremacists to…

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Freedom to Hate

I am only 25-years-old and have already witnessed a lot of hatred and intolerance in my life. As a byproduct of living in a technology-driven society, this hatred has consumed social media websites and even surpasses the hatred I’ve observed during my military service in Israel. Unlike witnessing hatred directly with acts of aggression or…

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