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Detroit Jewish Chronicle May 27, 1932 Jewish baseball player Isadore “Izzy” Goldstein

Jewish Baseball – From the DJN Davidson Digital Archive

It’s summer now and the baseball season is well under way. The roster of our beloved home team, the Detroit Tigers, is much different from last year. Jewish second baseman Ian Kinsler was traded over the winter and, soon after last year’s season concluded, the Tigers’ Jewish manager, Brad Ausmus, was fired. This is a…

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Detroit Jewish News October 20, 2011 issue. Shows the donation of a Sefer Torah for the congregation on Mackinac Island.

Jews And Mackinac Island – From the DJN Davidson Digital Archive

Last week, I was on Mackinac Island for the Detroit Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Mackinac Policy Conference. It was a very interesting event, to be sure. Moreover, how tough is it to be Up North in May? While I was on the island, however, I wondered about the Jewish presence there, aside from what I…

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Detroit Jewish Chronicle April 7, 1916 beer ads beer ad for Goebels Beer.

Beer Ads – From the DJN Davidson Digital Archive

While writing about the JN from 1942-43 over the past year, several times I referred to fascinating advertisements from Schmidt’s Beer, the beer that (per its ads) contributed so mightily to the effort to win World War II. I guess I miss writing about Schmidt’s beer ads, so this week, I decided to see just…

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Detroit Jewish News 04-19-2013 ediiton Bookstock

Bookstock – From the DJN Davidson Digital Archive

If you really like books, then next week might be your favorite time of the year. It’s the week of Bookstock, the largest used book and media sale in Michigan. I wondered about the history of Bookstock. So, naturally, I looked into the William Davidson Digital Archives to see what was in the historic pages…

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