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Father's Day BBQ

Father’s Day BBQ

Father’s Day is not just another Hallmark holiday. The most popular theory is that in 1909, a certain Washington state woman wanted to pay tribute to her father, a widower who raised a brood of children on his own. In 1924, after years of “unofficial” celebrations, President Coolidge called for an official date to honor…

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Jewish Ferndale: A building of its own.

Ask Rabbi Herschel Finman why bringing Jewish programming to Ferndale is a top priority, and he’ll offer a simple, two-part response. “There are no other Jewish ‘anythings’ in Ferndale,” he said. “But there are Jews.” After a year and a half of arranging events within the city under the name Jewish Ferndale, it became time…

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Gift Guide


Gift wrap her arm with Anthropologie’s unique and exquisite Tie-Around Bracelet ($298; in nude), whose cotton ribbon weaves through a three-sided square of brass. Area Anthropologie stores;;

Give her the boot — in a good way. Boden’s Patent Biker Boots ($224; in blue) will give her street cred and waterproof warmth with crinkle-patent finished upper leather and a faux fur lining.; (866-206-9508).

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