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Baked beans in tomato sauce, in a brown pot.

Holiday Baked Beans: Your favorite side dish gets a festive facelift.

With New Year’s just around the corner and your home brimming with loved ones, there’s no time to waste on menu planning. Are you looking for a delicious yet exciting side dish that your guests will truly appreciate? This season, center your holiday meal on this festive and hearty baked bean recipe. Throughout the years,…

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Sad young man looking through the window

Coping With Loneliness During the Holidays

Lori Kanat Edelson A 2017 AARP Foundation study revealed that while the holidays are a time of joy and excitement for many, with adults reporting feeling happy, loved, joyful and excited, three out of 10 of the same respondents said they have felt lonely during past holiday seasons, and four out of 10 respondents said…

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‘Tis the Season for Holiday Scams

Shoppers looking for a good deal this holiday season should also be aware of increasingly aggressive and creative scams designed by criminals to steal money and personal information. According to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center, Michigan ranked 16th in the number of alleged scam victims reported in 2017, with 6,400 consumers claiming a total…

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Orthodox Jews. Modern Orthodox

What is Orthodox Judaism?

Some of the consternation regarding Modern Orthodox Rabbi Asher Lopatin stems in no small part from a lack of familiarity with the history and development of Orthodox Judaism itself. The term “orthodox,” derived from the Greek words orthos (correct) and doxa (belief or path), means “the correct belief” or “correct path.” Orthodox Judaism insists there…

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