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Rabbi Shares Thoughts on The Well’s Service Trip

In early October, Rabbi Moshe Givental traveled with The Well to Houston, where a group of eight young adults participated in post Hurricane Harvey relief work alongside Repair the World, a national service organization, Act Now Houston, a Jewish response to the hurricane, and SBP, a disaster relief organization. Below are his reflections on the…

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Michael Segal

Inspiring Talk – Michael Segal

CSZ Empty Nesters group to bring speaker Oct. 18. Above: Michael Segal Hear Michael Segal’s riveting story of how he overcame all odds after he was shot in the back of the head and left for dead after walking into a robbery in progress at a convenience store. Segal, who lives in Houston, will speak at…

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Hurricane Harvey

Essay: Reflections On #ActNowHouston

I got involved with Repair the World through the PeerCorps program when I was only a sophomore in high school. Since then, I’ve volunteered dozens of times with RTW and have worked hard to help bridge the gap between the city and the suburbs. The work was always very hard. Whether we were building an…

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