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Judge Mark Goldsmith

Federal Judge Mark Goldsmith ordered about 100 Iraqi detainees must be released By Dec. 20

Louis Finkelman Detroit Jewish News Contributing Writer This is a very special week for Michigan’s Chaldean community. Federal Judge Mark Goldsmith has ordered that by Dec. 20, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) must release about 100 Iraqis currently held in immigration detention. Releases started yesterday and will continue. The affected Iraqis have been…

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Schuette attack ad

Truth Squad – Schuette vs Whitmer

Bill Schuette goes low, accusing Whitmer of terror sympathy The Michigan Republican Party and GOP gubernatorial candidate Bill Schuette have attacked the Democratic team of governor candidate Gretchen Whitmer and lieutenant governor candidate Garlin Gilchrist II, saying the Democratic team wants to abolish ICE and “sympathizes with terrorists.” Truth Squad rates the claims misleading. It’s…

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Commentary: Embrace Compassion, Not Xenophopbia

Kathie Friedman-Kasaba World history has given Jewish Americans, and all Americans, plenty of reason for anxiety about the Trump administration’s current immigration policies. As a scholar of international refugee studies, I have researched how the use of dehumanizing language — by politicians, political parties and the media — paves the way for denying compassion and…

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Old Man Winter — Time To Go

Isn’t it crazy how spring officially started a month ago and we’re still getting winter storm warnings? Winter this year is like that annoying guest who has clearly overstayed his welcome and even as you’re physically pushing him out the door, he keeps turning back and re-entering with “just one more thing,” hanging out in…

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