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News and info from around town.

The Yummy House sushi and Chinese restaurant has opened on Haggerty Road between Maple and Pontiac Trail in front of Meijer in Commerce Township … It’s getting a reputation for great sushi!

Looking for a place to have a kids’ party? Airtime Trampoline & Game Park recently opened at 662 E. Big Beaver Road in Troy.

How about a new hobby? Join the WWW club … Women Who Wine … a club that meets once a month at The Wine Guy (1932 S. Telegraph) in Bloomfield Hills. For more info, and a 10-percent-off coupon for new customers, go to or call (248) 977-4893.

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Is There Insurance Against Downsizing?

The rumor mill is buzzing. A downsizing is coming. You’ve got a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach. You feel powerless. You’re losing sleep. What can you do?
Plenty. Here’s a checklist:
1. Stop worrying. Worry accomplishes nothing. And what’s worse, it shows on your face. Your sense of impending doom is a self-fulfilling prophesy. Your vibe will be picked up. Removing that vibe from the office will become one more reason for you to be on the downsizing list.
2. Resist the urge to be invisible. You may think about wanting to stay under the radar during troubled times. If they don’t notice me, maybe they won’t eliminate me. Wrong strategy. Better to provide a good reason to be kept.

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