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Shine On

New local boutiques, businesses and brands you may not know — but should.

On the heels of the success of her year-old Midtown Detroit baby, the Peacock Room, Rachel Lutz has conjured another boutique, also in the lobby of the historic former-hotel-turned-condominium building Park Shelton, that is already promising to be equally unique.

Opened as a pop-up shop early in October to coincide with Dlectricity, a Midtown light-art exhibition, Emerald is more than simply charming — which it is. Like its sister boutique, it exudes the sensibilities of another time, starting with a dramatic centerpiece 1927 chandelier from the now-demolished Wayne Theater (donated by a friend). A wall cloaked in a theatrically styled curtain crafted by Ivy’s Custom Corsetry is yet presented in a very modern way.

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