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Letters – December 13, 2018

Falbaum Incomplete Berl Falbaum’s listing of anti-Semitic participants on today’s political scene is incomplete (Nov. 29, page 6). He neglected to list Louis Farrakhan, Keith Ellison, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Michigan’s new Lt. Gov.-elect Garlin Gilchrist, Al Sharpton, Linda Sarsour, J Street and supporters of the BDS movement who single out Israel, while…

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J Street Poll: Poll: 4% of American Jews Consider Israel a Top Issue

By David Isaac, World Israel News J Street, the controversial left-wing American Jewish organization which backed the Obama administration’s 2015 nuclear deal with Iran, reveals in its latest poll that only 4 percent of American Jews say Israel is in one of their top two issues when choosing which candidate to support. Polling firm GBA…

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yamulke to represent the Detroit Jewish News during the Days of Awe

Publisher’s Notebook: Staying Mission-Focused In Turbulent Times

As we enter the new year 5779 and the accompanying Days of Awe, we are compelled to reflect on our shortcomings, seek reconciliation with those we have wronged and commit to a path of self-improvement. This period of somber introspection is currently framed and besmirched by a loss of civil discourse, absence of empathy and…

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Rashida Tlaib

Endorsement Withdrawn

Jackie Headapohl Managing Editor J Street rescinds its approval of Detroit congressional candidate Rashida Tlaib. J Street withdrew its endorsement of Rashida Tlaib, the Democratic candidate for Congress in Michigan’s 13th District running unopposed in the November election, who is expected to be the first Palestinian-American Muslim woman in Congress. J Street’s decision came after…

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Jewish@edu – Value Of Knowledge

HMD’s Israel Fellowship offers ways to form your own opinions. On occasion, I have found myself watching an argument and observing that the foundation of the argument was a simple misunderstanding. How often has this happened in your life? As college students we find everything is about becoming the people we want to be and…

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