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community members at GPJC

The Grosse Pointe Jewish Council’s 30th Anniversary

Grosse Pointe Jewish Council celebrates a milestone. Photos courtesy of GPJC The Grosse Pointe Jewish Council (GPJC) celebrated its 30th anniversary around Chanukah with an extravaganza complete with music, food and entertainment. The GPJC has grown to 150 families and is an invaluable resource for the small but dedicated members of the Grosse Pointe Jewish…

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In the Hebrew month of Cheshvan, humans and bees turn to working to preserve food from the harvest.

A Teshuvah (Return) to Fall Preservation

The month of Cheshvan, which continues through Nov. 8, is the only month in the Hebrew calendar without holidays. This gives us ample time, in our temperate climate, to focus our energy on preserving the harvest. Above: In the Hebrew month of Cheshvan, humans and bees turn to working to preserve food from the harvest.…

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U.S. Army Lt. Col. Rabbi Allan Blustein, left, blows shofar at a service during the 1960s in Europe.

Yom Kippur – Military Holiday Duty

How those in the military balance the High Holidays with their responsibilities. The challenges of getting ready for the High Holidays. Maybe, in your case, it’s the added stress of preparing Rosh Hashanah dinner for a house full of guests or the ordering of the right-sized deli tray for the break-fast. Then there’s the pressure…

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coping with stress when you need to feel perfection

Jewish@edu – Tips For Dealing With Stress

For college students, the quest for perfection can add to the risks associated with being away from home. Some students turn to addictive strategies to cope with stress and feelings of inadequacy: alcohol, drugs, binge-eating or drinking, self-mutilation, self-starvation, unhealthy sexual choices, extreme exercise, Internet 24/7 and the like. To guard against these behaviors, create…

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Aaron Scholnik, second from right, on the new bimah with open house guests

New Home – Temple Beth Sholom

Photos by Shannon Ruiz Opening the doors at Marquette’s first-ever Jewish synagogue. Marquette may be known for its iron ore port and breweries, as the home of Northern Michigan University or even the 2012 CBS MoneyWatch listing as one the 10 best places to retire in the U.S. But recently, the largest city in Michigan’s…

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Annette Stone of West Bloomfield gives her husband, Allen, a kiss while looking at a book of photos. PHOTOS BY VISIONalIST ENTERTAINMENT

On The Front Lines

Jason Rubenfire Special to the Jewish News Documentary sheds light on Alzheimer’s and dementia patients and caregivers. Alzheimer’s disease and dementia wreak havoc on the lives of millions of families each year. They strike indiscriminately, no matter who you are or what you’ve accomplished. And, once a person is symptomatic, there’s no turning back. Local…

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