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Finding Joy on Purim

Roni encourages everyone to get little silly on Purim, while also making sure to show plenty of kindness toward yourself and others. By Roni Leibovitch When was the last time you made yourself laugh? Has someone once put you down in attempt to elevate their own self-worth, yet still, you were vindicated? These are all…

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woman jumping for joy near some pine trees and overlooking some body of water

Simchah Is A Mitzvah

By Rabbi Dr Raymond Apple There is a well known idea of “simchah shel mitzvah”, “the joy of the mitzvah”. It tells us that when we do a mitzvah we should enjoy what we’re doing. To perform a mitzvah with a sour face, even to carry out the mitzvah perfunctorily, might have its value, but it…

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Tishah b’Av Shabbat

Weekly Torah Portion – From Sorrow To Joy

Parshat D’varim: Deuteronomy 1:1-3:22; Isaiah 1:1-27. This Shabbat coincides with the 9th of Av on the Hebrew calendar. Known in Hebrew as Tishah b’Av, it is the day on which we annually mark the destruction of both holy temples in Jerusalem by fasting and mourning. This year, however, since it coincides with Shabbat, not only…

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