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Ben Falik with some kids from Summer in the City in Detroit

Jewfro: It’s Always Summer in Detroit

This is the time of year we usually put Summer in the City on the shelf. Jubilant June-July and the adrenaline of August give way to a subtly subdued September and, by October, others have oscillated into off-season occupations and, woe, winter is coming. This year is different. Pumpkin Spice Lattes be damned. And that…

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Summer in the City turns 17 in Detroit. 17th summer. SITC. Summers in the City. Detroit

Jewfro: Reflecting On 17 Summers In The City (SITC)

The winter I turned 17, I donated blood for the first time. For that first pint and the 40 since, I’ve overcome my anxiety based on both giving of myself and taking of cookies and apple juice. This year, Summer in the City turned 17, and I found myself in a similarly sanguine and sweet scenario.…

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