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Dome of the Rock in Israel

Commentary: The New Israel Fund Does NOT Support Israel

Israel has many enemies: Iran, with its nuclear program and geographic expansion plans designed to wipe Israel off the map; Palestinian terrorism; the United Nations with its incessant anti-Israel bias; and the anti-Semitic BDS movement that wages war on Israel’s economy. These are some of the more obvious enemies of the State of Israel, but…

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Letters – August 23, 2018

Should Iran’s Bad Year Be Made Even Worse? Kobi Erez, representing the Zionist Organization of America, urges all of us to work on strangling the already struggling economy of Iran, keeping Iran from getting any kind of relief from Europe and, maybe ultimately, as he hopes, destroying its “current regime.” (“Iran’s Bad Year,” Aug. 9,…

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Iranian flag. Photo from pixabay. Iran is determined

Essay: Iran’s Bad Year

Kobi Erez Iran is determined to be the leader of the Middle East and it’s working hard to earn this title. The Shi’ite regime has been attempting to create a territorial continuity expanding from Tehran to the Mediterranean Sea, and it’s getting closer to realizing that goal. This is especially true after the nuclear deal…

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