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2019 TCC Health & Wellness Fair

The Tri-Community Coalition invites the community back to our Second Annual TCC Health and Wellness Fair that focuses on the 7 Areas of Wellness and features local vendors, practitioners and service organizations that promote and celebrate healthy living. Activities for kids and family. Invite all your friends and family to join us in this exciting…

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Young Hawaiian mom doing yoga outdoors by lake.

Mindfulness: What Does It Really Mean?

Practicing mindfulness can help us stay in the moment and avoid impulsive decision-making. By Lori Gordon-Michaeli Mindfulness is one of the most talked about practices in changing our experience with everyday life. But what does this really mean? Mindfulness basically can be boiled down to “intentional” thinking.  Intentional thinking is when we purposely think a…

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Shoot of a beautiful woman making stretching exercises in the beach

Coping with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Lori Gordon-Michaeli, LCSW, delves into SAD and offers ways to boost your mood. By Lori Gordon-Michaeli Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD effects more than 10 million Americans every year.  The Mayo Clinic explains SAD as a type of depression that occurs with the changes of the seasons, usually starting in late fall or early winter…

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The Downfalls of Perfectionism

Jillian Lesson, a high school student at Frankel Jewish Academy, explores the idea of being perfectly imperfect. By Jillian Lesson Perfectionism. That word seems to have such a positive connotation, doesn’t it? While being a perfectionist from the outside may seem like a great strength, it is the weakness of many. I’m sure if in…

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The Well & JN’s 36 Under 36: Jamie Iden Strasberger

Jamie is a true leader in the Metro Detroit Jewish community by taking risks as an entrepreneur and leading by example with her commitment to tzedakah in her business ventures. Jamie, 35, started Because of a Case, one of the leading charitable phone case brands. Her passion for mental health (as she struggles with anxiety),…

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The Well & JN’s 36 Under 36: Ricki Friedman

Ricki Friedman, 30, is a life coach, motivational speaker and founder of BREAK the Weight, where she coaches people to BREAK the Weight in their lives — physically mentally and emotionally. She teaches people how to shift their mindsets and create positive coping skills to live stronger, healthier and happier lives. She attends many different…

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Alleviating Anxiety

Expert offers tools for handling fear, worry, panic and obsessive thinking. By Ronelle Grier, Contributing Writer Anxiety is invisible, yet it can ravage the lives of those who suffer from it. Anxiety can make a seemingly simple task, such as phoning a doctor’s office to request a prescription refill, seem daunting. Raising a hand in class…

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no guns allowed sign showing gun with a cross through it

Point/Counterpoint – Con: No Guns in Shul

I was shaken by the Pittsburgh massacre, as we all were; nothing like it had occurred in an American synagogue in most of our lifetimes. If we were complacent before Pittsburgh, in its aftermath we are not. Before we had even processed our sorrow, synagogue security, always a concern, became a top agenda item at…

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GLR & NAMI Metro Create Vehicle Donation Program to Support Mental Illness Services

The holidays are pegged as “the most wonderful time of the year.” However, that’s often not the case for those struggling with any type of mental health issues.  Today, GLR Advanced Recycling announced a new car donation program working with the National Alliance on Mental Illness’ Metro Detroit chapter – NAMI Metro. The program launches today and…

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Brainstorming solutions: Deanne Ginns Gruenberg, owner of the Self Esteem Shop in Clawson and child and adolescent therapist; Jodie Jacobs, table leader; Sara Kraft, social worker in private practice; Orly Kennet, Bloomfield Hills parent; Onisia Martin, school social worker.

Resilience Documentary

Childhood trauma spurs far-reaching mental and health consequences. Ronelle Grier Contributing Writer What is the greatest predictor of health issues such as obesity, smoking, heart disease, depression, alcoholism and other addictions? While genetics and family history may seem the most obvious factors, the answer may come as a surprise: childhood trauma. The devastating effect of…

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