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Cinnamon Baked French Toast

Cooking With Kids – Mother’s Day Brunch

Mother’s Day is a day meant for brunch. There are a lot of tasty brunches in Metro Detroit. However, most brunch places don’t take reservations, or you need to plan ahead to make those them. I don’t do so well with planning ahead, and my kids don’t do so well with long waits at restaurants.…

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Sweet Homemade Strawberry Trifle Dessert with Custard and Cake

Brunch For Mom

Tell mom you love her “a bunch” by hosting a Mother’s Day brunch. Morning meals are the easiest to organize. Brunch can be as basic as scrambled eggs and toast with fresh berries, or as elaborate as you care to imagine it — poached salmon and caviar toast points. You can serve prepared foods —…

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mother's day flowers

For Openers: On Mother’s Day

Have you ever wondered who thought up Mother’s Day? I’d always assumed it was invented by Hallmark, but I looked it up and turns out, surprise, surprise, it wasn’t. In the U.S, credit goes to a woman (of course …) by the name of Anna Jarvis. In 1858, when she was pregnant with her sixth…

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Green for Spring and the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift for Expectant Moms

Alicia Blas’ two teenaged sons are skaters.
“One day, a fireman stopped by my house and said, ‘You’ve always got a gaggle of boys skateboarding outside your house, and you can’t see your address.’ That got me thinking,” says Blas.

The master gardener in two states headed to Home Depot and bought a load of AstroTurf. “I laid it out in my living room and realized, ‘I can make everything out of this stuff.’ ”

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