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Yehoshua Hankin - man with long hair and beard

Yehoshua Hankin Is Born in Ukraine

December 26, 1864 From the Center for Israel Education One of the most distinguished land purchasers of the Yishuv (Jewish settlements in Palestine), Yehoshua Hankin was born in Ukraine in 1864 and made aliyah to Israel with his father in 1882.  They settled in Rishon Le’Tzion.  He alone was responsible for purchasing more than 30% of the land that…

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Anwar Sadat Is Born

December 25, 1918 From the Center for Israel Education Born into a family of thirteen children in Mit Abu al-Kum, Egypt, Sadat was a member of the Free Officers movement that overthrew Egypt’s monarchy in 1952. In 1964 Sadat was appointed as Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser’s vice president.  He held that position until Nasser’s…

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Israel Smuggles Sa’ar Class Missile Boats Out of Cherbourg

December 24, 1969 From the Center for Israel Education In the early 1960s, the Israeli navy concluded that their WWII-era vessels needed updating to compete with their more advanced enemies.  Accordingly, in the mid 1960’s, Israel commissioned a series of Sa’ar 3 war boats to be built in the French port of Cherbourg by the…

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Count Stanislas de Claremont-Tonnerre painting

The French National Assembly Debates Citizenship for Jews

December 23, 1789 From the Center for Israel Education Following the French Revolution and the August 26th Declaration of the Rights of Man, the issue of Jewish rights is debated in the French National Assembly for three days with no conclusion reached. During the debate, Count Stanislas de Claremont-Tonnerre issued his infamous statement, “The Jews should be…

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British Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin at his desk near a telephone

Julius Holmes Conveys Britain’s Fear of Communism in Israel to US Government

December 22, 1948 From the Center for Israel Education US Chargé d’affaires Julius Holmes in a cable to the State Department recounted British Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin’s (shown in photo) luncheon meeting of two days earlier, focused on Palestine and its future. Bevin noted that Palestine developments were disappointing. He cited Arab state pessimism with…

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Israeli Foreign Minister Abba Eban addresses the opening session of the Geneva peace conference Dec. 21, 1973.

Geneva Middle East Peace Conference Takes Place

December 21, 1973 From the Center for Israel Education Though the Geneva Middle East Conference was convened under the co-chairmanship of the United States and Soviet Union, Secretary of State Henry Kissinger kept the Soviet Union almost totally uninformed about progress being made privately between Israel and Egypt for a future disengagement agreement. Egyptian President…

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Arturo Toscanini (left) is congratulated by violinist Bronislaw Huberman after the opening performance of the Palestine Philharmonic on Dec. 26, 1936.

Arturo Toscanini Arrives in the Land of Israel

December 20, 1936 From the Center for Israel Education Arturo Toscanini, considered to be one of the finest virtuoso conductors of the 20th century, was conducting the New York Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra in 1935 when he was approached by Bronislaw Huberman and asked to conduct the opening performance of the Palestine Philharmonic.  Huberman, a violinist,…

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Max Nordau - man with big beard and handlebar mustache wearing a suite and tie

Max Nordau Is Victim of Assassination Attempt

December 19, 1903 From the Center for Israel Education While attending a Hanukkah Ball arranged by Mevasseret Zion, a Paris Zionist Society, Max Nordau is the victim of an assassination attempt. Nordau, who together with Theodor Herzl had co-founded the World Zionist Organization, escaped unharmed when two shots were fired at him from close range. The…

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A Kupat Holim Clalit pharmacy operates at Kfar Saba in 1938. Here we see the Kupat Holim Clalit pharmacy with bottles of meidicne in the background and a pharmacists organizing on the side.

Kupat Holim Clalit Is Established

December 18, 1911 From the Center for Israel Education At the Second Convention of the Judea Agricultural Workers’ Federation in Petach Tikvah, a resolution was passed by the 150 workers present stating, “The convention recognizes the necessity of creating a health fund, through membership dues of workers in Eretz Israel.” In the early years of…

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Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin meets with Henry Kissinger in September 1975.

Henry Kissinger Meets with Iraqi Foreign Minister

December 17, 1975 From the Center for Israel Education In a Paris meeting, United States Secretary of State Henry Kissinger meets with Saddun Hammadi, Iraqi Minister of Foreign Affairs. Kissinger told Hammadi that the United States would not negotiate Israel’s existence but could “reduce its size to historical proportions.” This was consistent with former President…

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