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Opinion: End Bans On Abortion Coverage

When it comes to the most important decisions in life, such as whether to become a parent, it is critical that a woman be able to consider all the options available to her, no matter her income or insurance. Sadly, this basic respect for women’s personal decision making is denied to many Michiganders. One of…

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Op-Ed: ‘Time To Learn About Your Fellow Neighbor’

As a black American child, I grew up with my parents teaching me I wasn’t inferior and that my blackness wasn’t something to be ashamed of. The truth of the matter is that in the United States, the black experience is much different than the “white” experience. That being said, yes, I am Jewish; however,…

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Opinion: JCC Board Must Restructure Itself To Avoid Pitfalls

The current financial and structural challenges facing the Jewish Community Center of Metropolitan Detroit — and potential closing of its Jimmy Prentis Morris (JPM) facility in Oak Park as a way to mostly eliminate an agency-wide $1.2 million annual operating deficit — have been shared by the JCC and the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit…

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