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Time, Memory, Marriage

Author Dani Shapiro discusses her latest memoir, a searing look at life, love — and marriage. The life of memoirist and novelist Dani Shapiro is pretty much an open book. Exploring her responses to events both profound and mundane, Shapiro has written the best-selling memoirs Still Writing, Devotion and Slow Motion, and only last month…

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How Oprah Validated My Career

It’s hard to believe but here we are — at the end of summer. Time to get the kids all those new school items: notebooks, pencils and crayons — and that’s just the list from me, their teacher.
I’ve taught elementary school at one of Detroit’s Hebrew day schools for more than 24 years, the last 18 or so in a kindergarten classroom — and yet every new school year is like the first day on a new job.
It’s always exciting and even a bit scary. Yes, teachers are anxious on the first day, too. We’re faced with new students’ names to learn, new parents to adjust to and new administrators to please.
Every year, as that first day approaches, I’m concerned, feeling like there’s no way I’ll be prepared. (Just what every parent wants to hear from their child’s teacher.) But, somehow, I always manage to make it.

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