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Rabbi Asher Lopatin will lead the new Modern Orthodox Kehillat Etz Chayim started by a group of families in Huntington Woods.

Mixed Welcome

A Modern Orthodox maverick, Rabbi Asher Lopatin faces Orthodox disdain — and support. Detroit’s Modern Orthodox community is about to welcome a controversial but beloved rabbi into its fold. Rabbi Asher Lopatin has made a name for himself as a maverick, a spiritual leader who is unafraid to stake unpopular halachic (legal) positions on women’s…

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Rabbi Eliezer Cohen’s Family Commissions Or Chadash’s First New Torah

There was a chuppah, klezmer-style music and dancing, but this was no wedding. More than 200 well-wishers gathered Sept. 25 for the dedication of a new Torah for Congregation Or Chadash in memory of its late rabbi, Eliezer Cohen. They met on the lawn of Cohen’s Oak Park home, where his wife, Aviva, still lives,…

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