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Arthur Balfour’s letter conveys the news to Lord Rothschild that the British government supports the creation of a Jewish homeland in Palestine.

Balfour Declaration Is Released

November 2, 1917 In seeking official government endorsement for the Zionist cause from a great power, the leadership of the Zionist Organization was successful in obtaining that endorsement from the British government in 1917. It came in the form of a private letter from the British Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour to Lord Rothschild, the head…

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Dome of the Rock in Israel

Commentary: The New Israel Fund Does NOT Support Israel

Israel has many enemies: Iran, with its nuclear program and geographic expansion plans designed to wipe Israel off the map; Palestinian terrorism; the United Nations with its incessant anti-Israel bias; and the anti-Semitic BDS movement that wages war on Israel’s economy. These are some of the more obvious enemies of the State of Israel, but…

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Australian 4th Light Horse Brigade advancing on Beersheba where Turkish defenders were.

Beersheba Is Captured by 4th Light Horse Brigade

October 31, 1917 As part of the British campaign of World War I, the Australian 4th Light Horse Brigade overtake the Turkish defenders and capture Beersheba (shown advancing on Beersheba in the photo above). By capturing Beersheba, British forces were able to break the Ottoman line near Gaza and advance deep into Palestine. The British…

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A group known as the “Hadera Commune” shown in 1910 before sedding in Degania Alef, the first of the Kibbutz in Israel.

First Kibbutz in Israel Is Established

October 28, 1910 Degania Alef is established as the first Kibbutz in Israel. The idea for a collectively managed agricultural settlement in the land of Israel was not created by the founders at Degania Alef. The idea had been a part of some circles of Zionist ideology as it emerged in the late 19th century.…

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Israeli flag waving in the wind

Essay: Overriding Obstacle

Palestinians stymie their statehood bid by delegitimizing Israel. The vaunted two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict hinges on a joint willingness to negotiate, compromise and truly change. Desirable as that solution is, it will remain a pipedream without a concurrent shift in attitude and action by both sides. A new dynamic could derive from coexistence…

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Ze’ev Vladimir Jabotinsky

Ze’ev Vladimir Jabotinsky Is Born

October 17, 1880 Ze’ev Vladimir Jabotinsky is born in Odessa. Mostly known for his revisionist attitudes towards Zionism, which influenced some to take a more militaristic role in helping to bring about a Jewish state. Jabotinsky is also an exemplar of communal social action in areas of self-defense, youth, immigration and fundraising. In 1903 after pogroms…

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Image of the map of Palestine showing the proposed separation of Palestine in the Resolutions of the Inter-Parliamentary Congress.

Arab Leaders Adopt Inter-Parliamentary Congress Resolutions

October 11, 1938 At the conclusion of a four day conference in Cairo, Arab leaders adopt the Resolutions of the Inter-Parliamentary Congress. The conference and its resolution was a response to the Peel Commission Report of 1937, which had first proposed partitioning Palestine into separate Jewish and Arab states (see above). The resolution stated the Arab…

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Telegram from Henry Morgenthau on Aug. 31, 1914

Henry Morgenthau Pleads for Aid to Jews in Palestine

October 6, 1914 Responding to a plea from Henry Morgenthau the United States Ambassador to Turkey, American Jewish leaders led by Louis Marshall and Jacob Schiff quickly raise $50,000 in aid for the Jewish community in the Land of Israel. The money would arrive in Jaffa on October 6 in the form of gold and…

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Louis Brandeis

Louis Brandeis Passes Away

October 5, 1941 Louis Brandeis, retired United States Supreme Court Justice passes away at the age of 84 in Washington DC. The first Jewish Supreme Court Justice, Brandeis embraced Zionism making it more acceptable for American Jews at a time when many American Jews were fearful of supporting the Zionist cause lest they be tagged…

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Cherie Brown, founder and CEO of the National Coalition Building Institute in Silver Spring, Md., conducted an anti-Semitism training at U-M Hillel early this year. Credit: U-M Hillel

UPDATE: Israel Bias

U-M professor criticized for refusal to write recommendation letter for study in Israel. University of Michigan officials, administrators, students and alumni reacted with criticism to Professor John Cheney-Lippold’s decision to rescind an offer to write a letter of recommendation for a study abroad program when he realized the student wanted to study in Israel. Cheney-Lippold…

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