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wine corks represent kosher wine

Kosher Wine Wednesday, Courtesy of Trader Joe’s

Monday fun-day. Tipsy Tuesday. Wine Wednesday. Thirsty Thursday. Friday, Saturday, Sunday (no catchy nickname required for weekend drinking). You can always come up with a reason to drink. Maybe not a good reason, but a reason nonetheless. Catching up with a good friend is always a great reason to have a few drinks, though. Last…

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Parks and Rec cast show the lack of good Jewish representation with lack of Jewish characters

The Mistreatment of Jewish Characters in the Media

College was a busy time for me, as it is for pretty much every student. In my coveted free time, I enjoyed diving deep into pop culture; television shows, movies and Broadway musicals are some of my favorite topics. Naturally, as a Jewish young adult, when I watch something, I always look out for the…

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