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apple to represent Rosh Hashanah and the reflective prompts put on by The Well for #Reflect4Rosh. daily prompts.

Stop. Reflect. Share.

The Well is once again offering daily prompts for reflection on the lead up to the High Holidays. Prompts began Aug. 12. First step is to stop and breathe, and then think back on the year that was. What were the highlights and lowlights? What were the blessings and shortcomings — both internal and external?…

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Businesswoman standing and leading business presentation. Female executive putting her ideas during presentation in conference room. Think like a ceo

Think Like A CEO

Jon Dwoskin Please listen to my words: Regardless of your title, how many people you manage, your position in the company, the salary you make, the amount (or lack thereof) of equity and/or ownership you have in the business, you are the CEO of your own business. You may work for someone else on paper,…

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The Journey Within – The Law of Growth

The law of growth = when we change ourselves, our lives follow suit and change, too. Shavua tov, everyone. Law No. 4 of the universal truths is how we can ultimately change the world. In my mind, any change we want to make in life starts with a thought that change is needed. Insanity is…

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