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Jewish boy wearing tfellin and putting on a tallit

The Jewish Jack Of All Trades

By Rabbi Dr Raymond Apple In the haftarah for Sh’mini Atzeret, Solomon blesses Israel and says, “Let your heart be whole with the Lord your God” (I Kings 8:61). To understand what it means to let the heart be whole, an analogy is called for. Think of physics. The physicist used to know more or less…

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Participants had fun during Passover at The Well’s Escape From Egypt room.

A Pioneering Organization

The Well named among top 50 innovative Jewish organizations. The Well was named one of North America’s top 50 innovative Jewish organizations in the 13th annual Slingshot Guide for the second year in a row. It’s the only Michigan-based organization included. Being listed in the Guide is often an important step for selected organizations to attain…

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Little girl choosing dresses in white bedroom. Child watching mirror reflection holding pink dress choosing outfit. Girls nursery. Shopping clothing for kids. Dressing room interior for children.

Dress-Up Dilemma

Send your questions to Dear Debra, Whenever a friend’s daughter visits, she asks if she can try on our daughter’s clothes. This isn’t playing with our dress-up clothes, but actually going into our daughter’s closet and chest of drawers and taking things out to put on. It’s bizarre, yes?  I have told her no…

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silhouette hand with chain is absent and blurred sky in sunrise background representing the freedom of the Jews from their shackles during Pesach.

Weekly Torah Portion – A Meaningful Freedom

This period of the Jewish calendar is referred to as Zman Cheiriteinu — the time of our freedom. It is when we celebrate our independence and commemorate God’s salvation of the Bnei Yisrael, Israelites, from their Egyptian servitude. Year after year, we speak of our freedom, but what precisely are we celebrating when we spotlight…

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Matza - Traditional kosher bread for Passover

Some Post-Passover Thoughts

Another Passover is winding down. By now, the last folding chair from your seder has been returned to the basement and that one lost piece of afikoman has finally been found — courtesy of the ants gathered under the rug you forgot you hid it under. My niece Rachel keenly observed that the age-old question…

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Maxwell Nadis leads a seder in 1961.

Long Tradition

For 66 years, Harriet Berg has joined the Nadis family seder. Sixty-six years ago, Sara Nadis was a newlywed whose husband, Maxwell, asked if she could make a seder. “I said, ‘Sure,’ and he was delighted,” she recalls. “We invited Harriet and Irving Berg and their two young children. Irving and my husband had been…

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image of Moses holding a staff in front of the pyramids.

Sing A Song

Find songs for your Passover seder on the web. Singing is traditionally a major part of the Passover seder, and it certainly makes for a more festive and participatory celebration. But what if your repertoire of Passover songs is lacking or you can’t remember the lyrics or melodies even for classics like “Dayenu” or “Chad…

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illustration of four women holding hands and a man holding matzah.

Inspiring Haggadot

Illuminated manuscripts tell the same Pesach story in a handcrafted way. Once upon a time, owning a book amounted to a big deal. To begin with, to get parchment for the pages, you had to slaughter a flock of sheep. For the words, you would need a skilled calligrapher with a beautiful hand. Another specialist,…

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a pot of matzo ball soup on a table cloth with a wooden spoon.

Viva (Jewish) Mexico! – Pati Jinich

PBS cooking host Pati Jinich’s Mexican-Jewish Passover. Celebrity chef Pati Jinich grew up in Mexico City, where she spent Shabbat dinners at her bubbie’s house. “When we walked into her house,” Jinich fondly recalls of her grandmother, “the first thing she had was a big, gigantic bowl of guacamole, but it was a Yiddish version…

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A woman reads the Haggadah (traditional text) during blessings for the Jewish holiday of Passover Dinner

Weekly Torah Portion – We Question To Learn

Passover celebrates the Israelite exodus from Egypt, reflected upon in many places in the Torah as the cornerstone of Jewish religious faith in God. The first of the Ten Commandments declares: “I am the Lord your God who took you out of the land of Egypt from the house of bondage (Exodus 20:2).” Passover also…

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