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Something To Bark About

A tail-wagging idea helps keep dogs safe and well-trained. From Sean Kelly’s heartbreaking loss of his family dog, Roxie, when she was hit by a car, came the motivation to design a device that could prevent other pets from the same fate. The dachshund-mix pup got lost in the dark chasing a squirrel and was…

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All Creatures Great and Small

What should you do if you see an overburdened donkey, suffering under too much weight? The Torah demands that even if the donkey belongs to your enemy, “you should certainly help him” (Exodus 23:5). That verse may serve as the source for the Talmud’s principle that we must help suffering animals.

Many people in Metro Detroit’s Jewish community put that principle into practice by rescuing abandoned animals. These animals, perhaps once-pampered house pets now on the street, usually lack the skills to survive.

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It’s A Dog’s/Cat’s Life

I’ve always loved pets, but I didn’t have a pet during my adult life until I got married. It wasn’t fair to them because I was never home during the day.

When I married last year, I became the proud adoptive papa of Oliver, a tan, fur-shedding, lover-of-all-things-edible pug; and Chloe, a Russian blue feral cat with the stomach of a seasick passenger and the stalking skills of a paparazzi.

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