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In 2003, the family celebrated the 100th birthday of Fannie Whiteman, center, at Fleischman Residence. Fannie is the mother of Evelyn (Louis) Berlin, grandmother of Renee Krauss, Steven (Jill) Berlin and Joyce (Jeffrey) Weingarten, and great-grandmother to their children: Jonathan, Robert, Arielle, Aviva, Emily and Elliot. Now these great-grandchildren are all married; four of them have children.

All In The Family!

While marking the JN’s 75th year, we also spotlight multi-generational families. As the 75th anniversary year of the Jewish News comes to a close, we are sharing the stories of a sampling of multi-generational families. In addition to these accompanying profiles, each edition of the Jewish News will include a new multi-generational family story through…

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