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Danny Raskin: Touches Of Italy

Plymouth’s Cantoro Italian Market & Trattoria does double duty. The concepts themselves might have had meager acceptance at their beginnings many years ago but, like well-watered plants, many have grown heartily with much global recognition. However, numerous so-called market-restaurant combinations may have failed because of having market knowledge but also a lack of much-needed restaurant…

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Four investors with a wealth of experience in restaurants decided that a long-abandoned Denny’s in Berkley — Woodward at 12 Mile Road, to be exact — would be the perfect spot for a joint venture. They guessed right. Crispelli’s Bakery & Pizzeria has been bustling since opening in early March.
Every element is spot-on here, from fresh, tasty food for dine-in or carry-out to updated retro decor, affordable prices and responsive, capable staff. Doors open at 10 a.m. daily.

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Six Cheeses … and 64 Martinis?

Deciding could be difficult at Amici’s Pizza & Living Room.

Who ever said a restaurant/lounge that serves food on paper plates can’t be classy?
Amici’s Pizza & Living Room offers award-winning pizza and dazzling, delectable martinis served in a warm atmosphere (with the works of local artists showcased on the walls).
Amici’s originally was founded in 1993 in a strip mall in Royal Oak by George Stark and Sal Parko. As their success and popularity grew, they relocated to a bigger venue on 12 Mile Road in Berkley. Later, they converted the storefront next door into the “Living Room,” featuring a cozy atmosphere with a fireplace and dozens of martinis.
In 2005, the enterprise was passed to George’s sister Jennifer Stark and her business partner, Maureen McNamara. The two have continued to produce fantastic fare for the masses and have brought a green ideology to their business.

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