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This Narrow Space

Sandee Brawarsky Special to the Jewish News A cancer doctor’s memoir of his years at Hadassah Medical Center crosses cultural, religious and political divides. One of Elisha Waldman’s patients at Hadassah Medical Center’s pediatric oncology department is a 9-year old Palestinian girl from a village near Jericho. She has a large tumor on her leg,…

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Fund-Raising Wars …. Better Known As The Presidential Election

We only have a couple of weeks left until this four-year political campaign game of squabbling and money-raising, and polling and money-raising, and sucking-the-air-out-of-the-auditorium speechifying comes to an end. Hallelujah. Bring out Wolf Blitzer and CNN’s Magic Wall of Crap on Nov. 6 to tell us who won, and let’s get on with our lives.

The theme for this month’s Red Thread Magazine is entrepreneurship.

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